Compress files in Android

Android - the one word that made all the work possible within a handheld mobile device which is previously possible only with the help of a PC or a laptop. The Android operating system has broken the boundaries between a laptop and mobile. There are some consequences as well in meeting the performance of a laptop or a PC. However, the throughput is really high for a lower end hardware parts. All the things in Android cannot be optimized but some can. To bring the Android OS platform up in the ladder some basic features need to be added. One of those features is file processing in Android chiefly compressing files in Android devices. Compressing in the sense doesn't mean optimizing all the official file formats in Android. It's all about compressing the important file formats that are widely used in Android platform.


Here are some of the mostly used space occupying file formats and how to compress them using Android and other factors. Mostly the media file formats are used widely in Android operating system. The top four file formats that are widely used in Android devices are as follows.

  • The Android application files (.apk)
  • Audio files (ac3, .mp3, .wav etc.)
  • Video files (.mp4, .avi, .DivX etc )
  • Document files (.pdf, .doc, .txt etc.)

If the file formats that are provided above are compressed then almost all kind of files that are supportable in Android Operating System platform is compressed at max.

Android Applications:

As we all know that Android operating system is a pile of software bundles and the .apk file format is the one and only file format that occupies a lot of space in the Android internal phone memory. If those .apk file are compressed then a lot space will be freed. Moreover, the Android devices have the capability to use the internal and external phone memories as virtual memories for caching and page swapping purposes. If the internal memory is large enough then the Android device will be much faster. At the same time it is not that much easy to compress Android apk files. To perform this task, a reliable tool is required. Remo MORE will prove to be the best in compressing Android APK files effectively.

Android Audio Files:

Next to the Android applications .apk files comes audio files. If we talk about entertainment in Android devices audio file format is the first file format to come into your mind. So it is highly necessary to compress audio files in Android and it is one of the file formats that eat up the Android memory space. While compressing the audio file we have to be very careful because the data inside an audio file is written at an extremely dynamic environment. Even a small mistake like missing bits will damage file easily. Therefore the app that is used for compressing audio files should be reliable. The best option is Remo MORE that works on the read-only principle and is extremely safe to use.

Android video files:

Video files are the mass entertainer file format in Android devices. In order to keep the video's quality the rendering and other HD features in the video as it is in Android devices and this ultimately will take a large amount of space when compared with the other low quality videos. If you are opting to compress Android files then video files are the first and foremost factors which need to be concentrated particularly while using higher end Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S3. These devices require a lot of storage space to run and facilitate the user. Therefore you should compress them using Remo MORE app. This app will reduce to the size of video files upto 80% while maintaining the quality. To know how to compress video files on Samsung Galaxy S3 click here.

Android Documents:

One of the popularity factors that made the Android operating system quite popular within a very short period is because of its immense support for viewing and processing document files. In document files there formats which take more space to stay in Android devices such as the PDF files. The PDF file format is compression file of many data and Meta data so at time these files look bulgy. So it is necessary to compress large pdf files. But choosing a compression tool is more important. Remo MORE is the tool that should be used to compress large PDF files. The tool will efficiently compress PDF files and still retain their quality.

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